31. March 2021

The Daytona Rainbow Is The Most Wanted Rolex Watch

Introduction Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Let’s take a closer look at the Holy Grail of Rolex watches. From time to time, the Swiss luxury watch brand introduces sporty models with diamonds to demonstrate its expertise in this area as well. In fact, these models are extremely rare and exclusively available to the brand’s best clients. They are not only sought-after timepieces for collectors but are also in demand among businessmen, NBA stars, soccer players, Hollywood actors and artists. No wonder the Daytona Rainbow is the most wanted Rolex watch on the market.

The Daytona enjoys a lot of attention among watch collectors. In particular, many watch nerds consider the platinum version with baguette index hour markers (click here for the article) or the John Mayer (click here for the article)  to be some of the hottest Chronographs available of Rolex’s product line. But there is no doubt that the Daytona Rainbow, reference 116595 RBOW, is even more exclusive.

Gemstone Setting

This special variant of the chronograph appeared at Baselworld 2018 and was among other novelties like the GMT Pepsi with jubilee bracelet. The case of the rose gold watch is set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds (lugs and crown guards). Instead of the typical tachymeter scale, 36 colored baguette-cut sapphires decorate the chronograph’s bezel in Rainbow gradation, all perfectly cut and set. On the black lacquer dial, 11 additional sapphires replace the hour markers – that’s a total of 47 sapphires set on this luxury watch. The tough part for Rolex is more the sourcing of such high-quality gradation in gemstones rather than working with the gemstones.

Needless to say, that Rolex has its own gemology and gem-setting department for this kind of work. A true craftmanship only experts of haute horology could fulfill – well done Rolex.

Furthermore, the sub-dials of the chronograph have undergone a “crystallization” process to give it a shimmering finish and now appear in pink “Gold Crystals” color. The Everose Rainbow is also available with two options the previous versions (white gold and yellow gold) didn’t have. While I would consider the pavé dial option as okay, the bracelet with diamonds on the center links is a little bit too much for my taste.

Functionality And Material

Despite the amount of gem stones, the functionality hasn‘t been affected: the case is water-resistant to 100 meters, the hour and minute hands bear blue luminescent material, and the solid Oyster bracelet is equipped with the Oysterlock safety folding clasp. Inside the case we find the Rolex automatic in-house caliber 4130 that keeps the watch ticking. Also, the luxury timepiece features 72 hours of power reserve. Another key point is the specially developed 18k Everose gold. The alloy is an in-house development containing 76% gold, 2% platinum, and the remaining percentage are a mixture of copper and silver. The material is resistant to fading thanks to its unique structure which allows the Rolex Daytona to maintain its brightness over time (the latter gets lost by ordinary rose gold over time based on the corrosion reaction of copper).

Retail And Market Price

Rolex’s highly collectible Daytona Rainbow had an initial selling price of USD 96,900 (CHF 92,400). But because the 40mm case would perfectly fit both male and female wrists, combined with its popularity among celebrities and the low quantities produced, the Daytona Rainbow‘s price has reached north of USD 350,000 on the secondary market. In any event, don’t bother asking your AD about the availability of the Daytona Rainbow. Chances are higher that you‘d solve a Rubik’s Cube in a darkroom in comparison to getting this piece at retail price.

Currently the Daytona Rainbow is the most wanted Rolex watch and I don’t think this will change any time soon. The watch reached cult status the moment it was dropped at Baselworld. To put it simply, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona “Rainbow” may be the definitive collector’s item of modern watch collecting.





Cosmograph Daytona “Rainbow” (ref. 116595 RBOW)


Retail price was at USD 96,900 (or CHF 92,400) but current market price is north of USD 350,000


No official limitation, but extremely limited quantities


diameter: 40 mm; height: 12.2 mm

When to wear:

I strongly believe that wearing such a watch never gets boring but it might not be the best daily companion. Wearing this timepiece with a suit and tie could be a “little” bit too much. I would recommend combining it with a super simple outfit like sneakers, blue jeans and white shirt or with the craziest/most colorful outfit of your wardrobe.

What we love about the watch:

Obviously, the gemstone setting by Rolex on the Daytona Rainbow is next level. I love the fact that the patented and exclusive Everose 18 ct pink gold alloy looks brilliant on the watch and perfectly matches the gemstones. In my opinion, it‘s much better than the previous Daytona Rainbow versions in white and yellow gold.

Photography by the respective brand: Rolex from www.rolex.com and IG: @rolex