Collection Financing

The global market for both, collection cars and luxury watches, has been shifting in recent years and certain collectibles have proven to show impressive appreciation, with values and total transaction reaching ever-new highs. However, the market for collection management is still rather indistinct and calls for professional support. TCC is happy to advice collectors on how to collect with confidence and long-term value.

Thanks to our new partnership we are able to help our clients finance new vehicles as well as lend against their car collections by arranging financing of car collections. The collector can use the loan to unlock liquidity for other investments or for private use. Our experts advise confidentially car collectors in the entire financing process.

The following points are decisive:

  • The quality of the collection. Only collections with top vehicles can be financed.
  • The minimum value of the collection must be CHF 3 million, whereby a car may not be worth less than CHF 300’000.
  • The collection must be located and stored in one of the following countries Switzerland (incl. FL), Austria, Germany, UK and USA.
  • The collection must be stored and appropriate safety regulations must be met.
  • If the loan is approved, vehicles may only be moved for maintenance. No longer for private use.
  • Cars must be serviced regularly to ensure a high quality of the collection.
  • Loan-to-value ratio: up to 50% of the collection (based on realistic market value).
  • 4-8% interest (based on LIBOR) depending on the creditworthiness of the collector, place of collection etc.
  • Max. duration of 3 years. Extension possible.
  • Each case is looked at individually.