Porsche Singer Vehicle Design 911 Malibu
20. August 2019

Porsche Singer – The 911 Rockstar

For every Porsche collector, the word Singer stands for elaborate and high-quality conversions of the Porsche 964 series. Singer’s credo – Restored. Reimagined. Reborn.

The California based company, Singer Vehicle Design, reimagines the 964 classic-car looking like vehicles of the late 60’s or early 70’s but thanks to the usage of the latest technology, the cars can be used in a very comfortable way on a daily base – that’s why some might even say that the best Porsches are coming from Los Angeles and not from Stuttgart (the hometown of Porsche).

The name ‘Singer Vehicle Design’ pays tribute to one of Porsche’s most famous engineers, Norbert Singer. Originally the company was founded in 2009 by Rob Dickinson who is a former band member of Catherine Wheel. In former times he was a rock singer, today he builds the rockstar among the sports cars.

The price for a Singer-Porsche starts at USD 300,000 (not including the investment costs for the 964 donor car, which are around USD 50,000) and has almost no limit to what you can spend onwards as every vehicle is customized.

Singer most likely uses air-cooled engines with 3.6 liter cubic capacity for their signature vehicles (can be increased to 3,9 liter) and only a few components of the 964 donor, for example the body framework – everything else is replaced by carbon parts or is custom-built for the customer. The output of the six-cylinder engine is between 300 and 425 hp, depending on the version. Furthermore, the customer can choose between five- and six-speed gearboxes.

As you can see in the pictures, even the interior is completely reprocessed by Singer with beautiful details like the colorful tachometer or the Singer signature on the dashboard. The handbrake lever, like various other components, is wrapped in fine leather. The electrically adjustable Recaro sports seats match perfectly to the rest of the interior and support the classic look of the 70s. Singer needs around 5000 working hours to turn a 911 of the 964 series into a piece of automotive jewelry in their workshop in North Hollywood. LED and xenon headlamps, tight sports seats in quilted or braided leather, air conditioning and a dashboard completely covered in leather – these are only some of the details Singer provides to its customers.

Characteristic to Singer Porsches are the centrally placed and distinctive double-tube pipes which dispose the exhaust gases of the six-cylinder boxer engine. A transparent engine cover under the rear grille provides a clear view of the engine. On the engine cover, Singer combines its lettering with a discreet 911 logo. The aluminum rims are Singer’s own creation and are based on the Fuchs wheels from the late sixties.

The Singer Porsche is the definition of “modern classic” for car collectors. We, from The Collectors Circle, are looking forward to see what’s next for the Californian Porsche.

Fun fact here: Every car that leaves the Californian tuning forge is baptized in the name of its destination. Below you can see some photos of the car produced for Malibu.

Restored. Reimagined. Reborn. 





964 by Singer Vehicle Design


Investment cost for the donor car around USD 50,000 plus around USD 300,000 – USD 650,000 for Singers work (with no limitation upwards as every car is customized for its owner)

When to drive:

Every day that you can!

What we love about the car:

We love the effort and time that Singer puts in every single car. 5000 working hours for each vehicle and the results are just mind blowing. These cars definitively deserve to be called the Rockstars among Porsches.

Images: Singer Vehicle Design: http://singervehicledesign.com/