8. July 2021

Rolex Day-Date Anniversary With Green Dial

60th Anniversary  

The first Day-Date was introduced to the world in 1956 and earned its nickname ‘President’ due to the fact that several US Presidents (including former US President Lyndon B. Johnson and other Heads of State) would wear this beautiful timepiece. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the Swiss watch manufacturer introduced the Rolex Day-Date Anniversary with green dial. Ever since, this model with its beautiful shiny rose gold and green dial has become the most desired Day-Date (off-catalogue models not considered).

What originally made the Day-Date standout from the other Rolex models like Daytona, Datejust and Submariner was the integration of a day weekday indicator which is displayed in full at the top of the face. This feature was originally included for business men who wanted an add-on to the normal numeric date indicator. They found it useful to be reminded of the day of the week.

Olive Green Dial

Arguably, the most eye-catching feature of this luxury timepiece is the green dial. It is manufactured in an olive green sunray finish with beautiful Roman numerals in 18ct Everose gold. Of course, the hands accompanying the watch are finished in the same precious Everose gold as well. The day indicator is placed at 12 o’clock and spells out the day of the week in full. Since collectors worldwide appreciate Rolex, the Day-Date is available with a bespoke day display in a wide choice of languages. Our specific piece in the pictures displays the day in English.

However, the date remains visible at 3 o’clock through the cyclops lens. Did you know that the latter is named after the one-eyed giant of the Greek mythology? It allows the date to appear two and a half times bigger and is thus easier to read.


While Rolex never officially called this model ‘The President’, it is the official name of the bracelet. Ever since the watch was introduced, the 21mm wide President bracelet exclusively accompanies all Rolex Day-Date models in yellow gold, Everose gold, white gold or platinum (diameter 36mm or 40mm). The Rolex Day-Date Anniversary with green dial in our pictures is made from Rolex’s patented 18k Everose gold. The alloy is an in-house development containing 76% gold, 2% platinum, and the remaining percentage are a mixture of copper and silver. The material is resistant to fading thanks to its unique structure which allows the timepiece to maintain its brightness over time (the latter gets lost by ordinary rose gold over time based on the corrosion reaction of copper).

Caliber 3255

Inside of our Day-Date is the in-house movement of Rolex named ‘Caliber 3255. This caliber isn’t the most complicated among the watch industry but it is definitely one of the most reliable and best performing mechanical movements. It includes a three-day power reserve and the numeric date and weekday simultaneously jump to the new position at midnight.

Price Development

From day one, the Rolex Day-Date Anniversary with Green dial was intended to be a successful fusion of a classy sport watch and an appreciated status item. While the retail price is CHF 37’400, the market price increased in the last few months to around CHF 50’000. This is the result of the current hype with green dials, thanks to the 5711 Nautilus (link here) and the Daytona with green dial (link here).  Without any doubt the watch this watch is a great choice for any occasion, either on vacation at the beach or with a nice suit business casual outfit. The Day-Date’s capability is limitless.





Day-Date 60th Anniversary


Retail price is at CHF 37’400 but current market price is around CHF 50’000.


No official limitation


Diameter: 40 mm; height: 12 mm

When to wear:

I can’t imagine a better occasion for this watch than a yacht cruise around the Aegean Islands with your family or friends, enjoying great food and a fresh breeze of ocean air.

What we love about the watch:

What makes this Day-Date so special? The Rolex Day-Date with green dial is a classic watch with a design that says “look at me” without being over-designed. Since the model is only made in high-end materials 18k everose gold, you always wear a status symbol that says “I can afford a luxury watch, I have taste and I am successful”.

Photography: Yves Müller, www.visiuns.com for The Collectors Circle www.thecollectorscircle.com