17. February 2021

Porsche 911 GT2 RS – A Weissach Masterpiece

We can’t wait to finally see the all-new Porsche 911 GT2 RS of the 992 series which is planned to be in showrooms by the end of the year. But as of now, the GT2 RS of the 991 series remains at the top of Porsche’s supercar hierarchy and we didn’t want to miss the chance to write about it for our collectors.

In 2017, the Stuttgart based car manufacturer created a supercar that was faster, sportier, more powerful and more “racing” than any road-going 911 Porsche ever before. But what fascinates us the most is that the car is so well-balanced that even unexperienced race drivers can handle the GT2 RS. At TCC, we believe that Porsche did a fantastic job with the GT2 RS because it made a racing machine convenient for the streets. We had the chance to drive one of the supercars around Zurich and, to be honest, it’s one of the best street-legal cars we have ever driven.

The king of 911s delivers an incredible 700 horsepower and 750 Nm of bang, all of which come racing down together over the rear axle. The engine fitted in the car is a 3.8 L twin-turbocharged flat-6 engine which accelerates the supercar from 0-100 kph in only 2.8 seconds. The two-seater is said have a top speed of 340. kph. When purchased with the high-performance Weissach option, the car has 30 kg less than the “normal” GT2 RS. The latter is stated by Porsche to weigh 1,470 kg. The 991 GT2 RS is, by a significant margin, the most potent version of the Swabians’ supercars ever fitted with the Porsche crest.

The car was officially launched by Porsche at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2017 along with the introduction of the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series. In the same year, the 991 GT2 RS set the record for the fastest Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time with 6:47.25. Currently, the record is held by the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series with just 3.6 seconds less at 6:43.62.

As you could have guessed, the Porsche 991 GT2 RS had a limited production run which were all exclusively available to selected clients. The official selling price was set at around CHF 342,000 upwards depending on the options. Today, good collector cars range between CHF 400,000 and 450,000.

While the 992-version’s release later this year will bring the reign of the 991 GT2 RS to an end, one thing remains true: its legend is undisputed. The supercar is still Weissach’s masterpiece and is definitively a future Porsche classic.

Even still, we are looking forward to the updated version of the beast and I am sure you too, aren’t you?





911 GT2 RS (991 version)


Original selling price around CHF 342,000+, but current market price for collection cars is CHF 430,000 upwards.


No official limitation. A production run of 1,000 units was planned but exceeded due to the very high demand.

When to drive:

The vehicle is the perfect choice for our collectors on their daily drives – especially for those who want some motorsport DNA on the streets. Great sounds and perfectly comfortable, even for the city.

What we love about the car:

The car is the strongest Porsche ever made and is a must-have for every avid car collector. The market price knows only one direction for this masterpiece: heading north.

Photography: Sameer Ahmed IG: @qatarcarsspotter