Patek Philippe Nautlius 5711A Piano
24. June 2020

Patek Philippe 5711A – The Patek Piano

For a long period, the Patek Philippe Nautlius Ref. 5711/1A-011 lived in the shadow of the its famous brother with the blue dial and was not much more than the sidekick of the Nautilus collection. But that changed when the watch got discontinued early this year (January 2020) and the high-end steel watch with its white dial became a superstar in the world of luxury watches. Knowing that a lot of collectors will not be able to get the watch anymore at their official retailer, its price on the grey market rose to as high as USD 55,000 (before the announcement of the discontinuance, the sports watch was traded for approx. USD 45,000).

Some of you might asked yourselves “what is the meaning of this post’s title?”. It’s actually very simple. All of us watch collectors love to play with nicknames for our timepieces. For example, the Rolex Submariner Ref. 116610LV is known as ‘Rolex Hulk’ because if its eye-catching sunburst green dial. In this case, the hour indices on the white dial of the of Nautilus remind collectors of the keyboard of a piano. And that’s why it earned its nickname ‘the Patek Piano’ and became one of the most desired stainless-steel sports watches in haute horology.

The simplicity of the watch, especially the dial, makes the 5711 a perfect fit for any occasion. Whatever you pick from your wardrobe, dressed up or casual outfits, the watch goes perfectly with any look and for both genders. I saw many of the Piano dials on a female wrist and, I must admit, it looks as good as on a male’s wrist. The proportion of the 40mm wide and only 8.3mm thick masterpiece is pure aesthetics.

The self-winding (26-330 S C) caliber is good for a power reserve of max. 45 hours and can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back. As for all 5711s, the center links are polished and the bracelet opens and closes with an easy-to-use clasp. The shape of the case is one of the best-known around the globe, even for non-watch lovers. The rounded octagonal bezel was inspired by a ship’s porthole and reflect Philippe Stern’s passion for sailing.

Additionally, Patek is well known for the durability of its watches and this, of course, applies for the 5711A as well. The piece sits nicely on the wrist and, if well maintained, the watch will last for generations. And as Patek’s well-known slogan says, an owner of a Patek is “merely looking after it for the next generation”. And this is definitively the case for the 5711. One of the great moments of watch collecting is to gift such a beauty on to your son or daughter.

The Piano dial has gone but I do really hope to see a replacement for this masterpiece in Patek’s product line and I can’t wait for the moment when they release their newest addition to the Nautilus collection. The masterpiece on the pictures belongs to our great friend @lorologiai0 who is a great young watch collector with exceptional taste for luxury watches.



Patek Philippe


Nautlius Ref. 5711/1A-011


The watch is discontinued but current market price is around USD 55,000


No official limitation


diameter: 40 mm; height: 8.3 mm

When to wear:

As mentioned above, whatever you pick from your wardrobe – dressed up or casual outfits, the watch goes perfectly with any look and for both genders. Anyone who ever owned the 5711 Piano knows exactly what I mean.

What we love about the watch:

The classic masterpiece with its white dial looks simple yet elegant and the measurements of the watch make it a great add to any wrist (male or female).

Photography: IG: @lorologiai0