25. January 2021

Patek Philippe 5711A – Goodbye Old Sport

The Collectors Circle said it almost two weeks ago but no one believed us. Now it’s undeniable that the time has come to say Goodbye, Adieu, Arrivederci, Adíos.

While news has been brewing in the watch industry about it over the past weeks, it seems clear now that Patek Philipp will discontinue its flagship piece, the Nautilus 5711A with blue dial along with the whole 5711 reference. The model, which is the most desired watch of Patek’s Nautilus collection and is likely the most sought-after luxury sports watch in the whole industry, is going to be replaced with a 41mm (we’ve also heard it could be 42mm) wide updated version, called reference 6711.

One could have guessed that it was only a matter of time until the 5711 would be cut off from Patek’s product line. The reference was introduced in 2006 and needed to be updated. But as to whether 15 years of production is the right period, however, is up to each watch brand alone. Looking back to last year, it seems Patek may have given us a small hint. The Swiss watch brand discontinued the 5711A with white dial, also known as the Nautilus Piano (click here to read the full article) in 2020 without replacing it. Maybe it was because they were waiting to update the whole reference.

Regarding the new diameter of 41mm / 42mm, I am still questioning if the latter refers to the measurements without the crown (i.e. from 10 o’clock to 4 o’clock). Either way, Patek will increase the diameter whether it’s 1mm or 2mm which means they’re following the trend towards bigger watches like Rolex did recently with the updated Submariner version of 41mm. There was previously a large sports watch as part of the Nautilus product line, the 3700 Jumbo, which featured a 42mm diameter.

The current reference 5711A has dial diameter of 40mm and is for many collectors the perfect diameter size. The last week I had endless chats with collectors and followers on social media regarding the new model and they do not fully understand the strategy Patek is following here. Many argued that if they increase the size of diameter, the brand would destroy something that was already perfect and I kind of agree with that statement. The grey market immediately reacted to the news raising the price within one day from CHF 75,000 to almost CHF 120,000 (it should be noted that the retail price is CHF 28,500).

It’s worth considering that while it seems crazy to increase the size of the diameter to 41/42mm now, it also seemed crazy in the ‘70s (the beginning of the Royal Oak and the Nautilus and one of the most important epochs in the watch industry) to introduce a steel sports watch if you were a luxury watch brand. Until then, yellow gold was the dominant precious metal of the industry. Yet today we couldn’t think of a any luxury watch brand without any steel models in their product line.

One question remains unanswered: If they change the size for their flagship model of the Nautilus collection, what will happen to the rest of the Nautilus references? Will they follow this trend soon too?



Patek Philippe


Nautlius Ref. 5711/1A-010


The watch will be most likely discontinued in Q1 of 2021. Current retail price is CHF 28,500 but current market price is around CHF 75,000. As soon as is officially discontinued, it will likely reach above CHF 100’000 quickly.


No official limitation


diameter: 40 mm; height: 8.3 mm

When to wear:

Whatever you pick from your wardrobe – formal or casual outfits – the watch goes perfectly with any look and for both genders. Anyone who ever owned the 5711 knows exactly what I mean.

What we love about the watch:

The classic masterpiece with its blue dial looks simple yet elegant and the measurements of the watch make it a great add to any wrist (male or female).

Photography: @imwvp for @watchrookiee