22. March 2019

Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary Editions

The 40th anniversary Patek Philippe Nautilus is the holy grail of the Nautilus collection. In 2016, Patek Philippe introduced its limited series of reference 5976/1G and 5711/P for the 40-year anniversary of the collection. Why do we write our blog post almost three years later? The answer is simple: The Collectors Circle is specialized in rarities and this watch definitely deserves an article when we talk about rare Patek Philippe watches.

The model almost hasn’t changed since the Nautilus was introduced to the world in 1976 as the shape and design has remained the same over the years. Maybe this is one of the reasons why the Nautilus collection has gained so much popularity. Watch aficionados and collectors know what we’re talking about.

Let’s start by taking a look at the 5711/P which is limited to only 700 pieces (left watch on the picture above). The case is crafted from solid platinum, is 40mm wide, 8.3mm thick and the power reserve lasts for 35 – 45 hours. The retail price of this beauty was previously USD 113,400 but is currently being traded for approximately USD 300,000.

On the other hand, the 5976/1G (right watch on the picture) is limited to 1’300 units and comes with diamond indexes on a white gold case, which is 44mm big – yes, that’s right. Most people would mistake the chronograph to its brother (reference 5980) and think it was 40.5mm wide. However, the case is 12.2 mm thick, as it is for all 5980 watches.

Both the 5711P and the 5976/1G come with a special stamping on the dial to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Nautilus collection. However, Patek claims that the chronograph’s power reserve lasts up to 45-55 hours. The chronograph has a current market value of USD 275,000 – significantly more than when it was previously valued at USD 96,390 (official retail price). That’s an increase of the price of 285% in less than 3 years!

Well done, Patek Philippe! The Collectors Circle can’t wait to see what you will reveal in March at Baselworld 2019. Stay tuned!



Patek Philippe


Nautilus 5711/P (left watch) and 5976/1G (right watch)


USD 113,400 for the 5711/P and USD 96,390 for the chronograph


5711/P (40mm wide, 8.3mm thick); 5976/1G (44mm wide; 12.2mm thick)

When to wear:

Such unique watches are not your everyday watch. The Collectors Circle recommends you only wear such beauties for a sophisticated occasion – perhaps an important dinner or an event among watch lovers.

What we love about the watch:

Come on, guys! Is there something that you can’t love about these watches!?

Image: „Patek Philippe 5976/1G“, https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/patek-philippe-40th-anniversary-nautilus-57961g-57111p-introducing