15. July 2021

McLaren 765LT

Longtail Version of McLaren 720S

McLaren continues to expand its range of longtail versions. One of our favorite versions is the recently introduced McLaren 765LT, which derives from the 720S. In fact, the 765LT is a stronger and lighter version of the 720S. Unfortunately, the supercar will be exclusively available to the brand’s best clients as McLaren will built only 765 units of this racing machine.

Although the 765LT is referred to as the “longtail” version, it is actually only 9mm longer at the rear end than the 720S. But historically the LT versions were McLaren’s strongest racing cars. In fact, “LT” is a reference to the racing version of the McLaren F1 called the F1 GTR “Longtail” from the late ‘90s. And since the Brits brought the idea back to series production with the 675LT in 2015, the term has also become synonymous with the maximum amount of track drivability that is legally possible on roads.

Stunning Aerodynamics

McLaren relies with the 765LT on more aerodynamic efficiency to create 25% more downforce than the 720S. The front splitter is placed five millimeters closer to the ground than on the 720S, increasing the vehicle’s tilt for better downforce. The weight decreased by around 80 kg (to a total of 1.339 kg) through the use of carbon fiber, special alloy wheels and polycarbonate windows.

In addition to the modified carbon parts, the 765LT uses partly the same technology from McLaren’s flagship model, called Senna. The brake system is the same for both supercars and allows braking feelings close to F1 bolides. From design perspective we love the four centrally placed exhaust pipes at the rear as a distinguishing characteristic of the car.

Most Powerful McLaren

McLaren decided to increase the performance to a total 765 PS (45 PS more than the 720S), making the 765LT McLaren’s most powerful Super Series model and also one of their most sought-after supercars. The power of the supercar comes from the four-liter V8 bi-turbo engine. Top speed is 330 km/h, thus, slightly below that of the McLaren 720S, as the optimized aerodynamics are not designed for a higher top speed. Furthermore, the power is transmitted via a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission to the fat 20-inch rear wheels.

According to the British brand, the 765LT accelerates to 100 km/h in only 2.8 seconds, a tenth of a second faster than the 720S.

From the driving experience perspective, the McLaren 765LT is most likely comparable to the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. We tested both and they are both excellent racing machines for the streets, which is why they are in direct competition. Both provide a drivability that other supercars can only dream of. Whoever owns one or had the pleasure of driving one of these beasts knows exactly what I am talking about.

Price and Collectability

Only 765 collectors will be lucky enough to call the supercar their own, making it one of the most collectible McLaren. While the retail price of the McLaren 765LT started at EUR 335’000, current market price is slightly higher at EUR 400’000. At TCC, we believe that the car is worth every cent as it provides limitless amount of fun driving it. Obviously, we don’t have to mention that the model was sold out very quickly. The LT combines everything McLaren stands for since its return to road cars in 2011.







Original selling price was EUR 335’000 but current market price is around CHF 400’000.


Small production batch of only 765 cars.

When to drive:

The McLaren 765LT is a synonymous with the maximum amount of track that is legally possible on roads. However to enjoy the full pleasure of driving such a racing machine, I would highly recommend to use the supercar on the track.

What we love about the car:

The power of the car is insane. If the gas pedal is pressed several times in quick succession, the four pipes become noisy and brute flame throwers!

Photography: Blerim Rafuna IG: @blekoshots for Adrian Kienzi