9. February 2022

Ferrari SF90

Anniversary Of Scuderia Ferrari

Ferrari, one of the world’s most legendary automotive brands, celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2019. And, of course, Ferrari had to introduce something spectacular to mark this occasion. The Italian brand came up with the Ferrari SF90 Stradale – the first Ferrari supercar with 1´000 hp. The name SF90 refers to the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Scuderia Ferrari. Although the car is not the newest Prancing Horse in Ferrari´s lineup, the hybrid SF90 is still impressive. The Italians also introduced a convertible version of the SF90, called Spider, approximately 18 months later. However, the pictures below show the beautiful Stradale version.

V8 Turbo And Three Electric Motors

SF90 is synonymous with extreme driving performance. Combining a four-liter V8 turbo engine (with 780 hp or 582 kW) and three electric motors (220 hp or 162 kW) puts an incredible 1´000 hp on the road. To bring all the power of the hybrid drive to the road, the SF90 Stradale comes in all-wheel drive.

Two electric motors sit behind the front wheels (one on each side). Driving in reverse is only possible in eDrive mode via the two electric motors, which means the car can be maneuvered at low speeds without using the V8. That’s why the SF90 is a front-wheel-drive vehicle in purely electric mode when reversing. Furthermore, the two front motors are integrated into the launch control strategy for maximum accelerating performance.

The third electric motor sits between the combustion engine and the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission and supports the V8 engine during gear changes and hybrid driving. Above 210 km/h, the electrically driven front axle disengages again, and the SF90 then drives as a rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

The Ferrari SF90 is a very neighborhood-friendly vehicle. In eDrive mode, it can drive 25 kilometers fully electrically. But this should be enough to avoid waking up your neighborhood with a roaring Ferrari engine in the morning or at midnight.


The Ferrari SF90 manages the sprint from zero to one hundred in only 2.4 seconds, making it the fastest accelerating production Ferrari. Primarily, this performance comes from the power provided by the three electric motors. They were added to give the SF90 additional power rather than making the car an electric cruiser. Despite the additional 270-kilogram for the hybrid components, the SF90 weighs 1´570 kilograms, just 200 kilograms more than its predecessor LaFerrari. In terms of top speed with 340 km/h, the SF90 also keeps pace with former Ferrari supercars such as LaFerrari. Massive carbon-ceramic brakes in the size of a family pizza help the hybrid Italian to break hassle-free to a stop.

Assetto Fiorano Track Pack

Potential buyers can choose between the standard version and a variant with sportier specifications, called “Assetto Fiorano Track Pack”. This package is intended for car collectors who search for the ultimate racing experience. It includes Multimatic dampers, a carbon-fiber rear spoiler, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and a two-tone paint scheme that further underscores the car’s racing intentions.

New Lights

For the first time, Ferrari introduced a C-shaped design for the headlights (instead of the typical L-shaped lights) integrated into the brake air intakes. It was also the first time the Italians equipped one of their Prancing Horses with matrix LEDs.

Some Ferrari enthusiasts criticized the new taillights. They are no longer round but angular.

Collectors loved the round taillights as they have been associated with the brand for decades. But, honestly, it was about time to update them with a modern design, and Ferrari did a great job on the SF90.


SF90 owners enjoy Ferrari´s EOTR-HOTW principle: Eyes On The Road (EOTR), Hands On The Wheel (HOTW). The Italian hypercar comes with a massive 16-inch display in front of the driver (fully digital) and is supported by a head-up display. Moreover, the driver controls almost everything via the new ultra-multifunction steering wheel with touch surfaces. Indeed, it is a very groundbreaking technology for Ferrari and an indication of the brand´s future direction.

At least the Manettino rotary switch looks familiar in the new control system. It allows the driver to choose between four different driving modes: “eDrive” for purely electric driving, “Hybrid” for maximum driving comfort, “Performance” for those who like it a bit sportier, and “Qualify” for driving the SF90 at its limits.

Price & Collectability

The SF90 isn’t a limited-production model. However, it‘s not often that you see one of them on the streets, and that is because the car is only ordered by coveted collectors. The base price of the Ferrari SF90 is EUR 430,000. The price increases further depending on the specification. The current market price of the hybrid super Italian is slightly higher than the original selling price (approximately an additional EUR 100,000 – 200,000). At The Collectors Circle, we truly believe this car is an important milestone in Ferrari’s history and belongs in private collections as much as an Enzo or an F40. The SF90 can do everything better and faster than anything that has run on-road tires from the Maranello plant before.





SF90 Stradale


Original selling price started at EUR 430,000, but the current market price is slightly higher (an additional EUR 100-200k).


No official limitation

When to drive:

A Ferrari SF90 Stradale is the perfect car for those who demand Ferrari’s cutting-edge technology but don’t want to give up the ability to use a racing machine for daily city trips.

What we love about the car:

The new 16-inch virtual cockpit is impressive and makes the Ferrari SF90 a state-of-the-art hybrid car that will be trend-setting for the future Ferrari models. Definitely a step into the right direction – bravissimo!

Photography: Lucas Scarfone @scarfonephoto