3. June 2021

Ferrari 599 GTO

Gran Turismo Omologata

Among car enthusiasts, the affix GTO (i.e. Gran Turismo Omologata) generates great feelings of happiness. Especially when Ferrari drops a GTO model, petrol heads all over the world gasp as they know it will be a jaw-dropping collection car. On April 8, 2010, the Italian brand unveiled the Ferrari 599 GTO which is a special edition model limited to just 599 units. In fact, the Ferrari 599 GTO is the last supercar the Italians named with the GTO superlative. Although the sportscar was revealed in 2010, it remains one of Ferrari’s most sought-after and strongest road cars.

The other two Ferraris with the legendary GTO add-on are the world’s most expensive cars, the Ferrari 250 GTO (link here) and the fabulous Ferrari 288 GTO (link here). Without any doubt, both are must-haves for Ferrari collectors.

Ferrari 599 GTO

The 599 GTO is based on the race track focused Ferrari 599XX. The GTO version adopted many features of the race car such as the F1 six-speed automated transmission, which is said to allow gear changes in just 60 milliseconds. Additionally, the adaptive suspension has stronger stabilizers, shorter springs and electronic networking with the dynamics systems.

In comparison to its other 599 siblings, the distinctive feature of the 599 GTO is its heavily modified body. New spoilers at the front and a new diffuser at the rear provide more downforce. Compared with the GTB version, the body of the GTO is distinguished above all by the additional air vents.

Ferrari decided it keep it simple in terms of interior design. Nothing wild, just a very modest and tidy cockpit which allows the driver to focus on the main business of driving and enjoying the roaring of the V12 engine.

Engine and Power

Of course, the super car comes with a V12 engine. Its naturally aspirated F140C V-12 is an evolution of the F140B from the Ferrari Enzo and has a displacement of six liters that produce a power output of 670 HP (493 kW). According to Ferrari, the supercar accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.35 seconds. Furthermore, the Italians claim the top speed of the 599 GTO more than 335 km/h, making it the fastest and strongest Ferrari built at that time. Moreover, numerous lightweight components were used to reduce the kerb weight to only 1,495 kilograms. Fun starts with the Ferrari 599 GTO at the curvy track circuit, where you can fully enjoy the rear wheel drive. In fact, the supercar flew around Ferrari’s private Fiorano test track a full second quicker than the wickedly fast Enzo.

At the same time, the sound of the 599 GTO is one of the best ever made by Ferrari. Collectors who have had the chance to drive one know exactly what I mean. The sports exhaust system makes the already violent 6.0-liter V-12 sound even more perilous.

Price and Collectability

Official retail price was around EUR 317’000 to 350’000 depending on the specifications. But the current market price for top-notch specimens is around EUR 500’000 to 550’000. Although the market price of the 599 GTO slightly went up and down in the past, we strongly believe it knows only one direction in the long run…up, up, up.

GTO. These three letters make connoisseurs and collectors’ hearts beat faster and certainly the supercar will continue be a core pillar in Ferrari’s history books. Once Ferrari called the 599 GTO its “most extreme sports car” and soon the Italians will call it one of their most beautiful creations to ever leave the Maranello factory.





599 GTO


Original selling price was EUR 317’000 but current market price is around EUR 550’000.


Production batch of around only 599 cars.

When to drive:

The rear wheel drive of the Ferrari 599 GTO provides fun not only on curvy race tracks, but also on a mountain pass. But even driving around the city becomes more fun with the V12. Ferrari did a great job in providing a pure driving experience with this car.

What we love about the car:

In any event, it’s the sound of the roaring 670 horsepower V12. Personally, I think it’s one of the best sounding Ferraris ever made and I am pretty sure I will find plenty petrol heads among you agreeing with me.

Photography: Lucas Scarfone IG: @scarfonephoto